A wall mirror is a necessity!


Every person needs a house and every house needs a wall mirror!

Eccentric Wall Mirror

Eccentric Wall Mirror

The favorite room!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are older or younger. In our life, and especially considering how things are nowadays, one thing that is important to everybody is how we feel when we are in the room that we spend most of our time. We all need a room in which we will be able to relax and enjoy ourselves. And of course that room should make us feel as comfortable as possible, should help us be creative, and last but not least should, represent our style and our personality!

For some people, the most important room in the house is the living room. And it makes sense if you considerate the fact that it is the fist room that every guest will see. For others, usually younger people and students, the most important room in the house is the bedroom. Well, if you want to decorate or redecorate your favourite room, you should always keep in mind one thing; the mirrors! And to be more specific, the wall mirrors!

Impress everybody!

Wall mirrors are sold in almost every store that sells furniture for the house. That means that you can find a cheap wall mirror or an expensive one, depending on the money that you are willing to spend. There are different sizes, shapes and colours for wall mirrors. Some of them are classic, while others are more modern. You can find one that will show a part of your body or just your face, and you can also find a larger one that will actually show your whole body or a big part of the room. There are plain wall mirrors, but there are also other ones if you are interested in something more impressive!

One thing is for sure… a beautiful wall mirror will definitely make your favourite room look even nicer and bigger. Anyway, you shouldn’t forget that wall mirrors are also very useful objects for everybody, regardless of age and style! Continue reading

Choose the Right Wall Mirror for Every Room


Smart Mirror Decoration Tips and Solutions

Semi framed rectangular wall mirror

Wall mirrors, fascinating as they are, have become very popular among the people who want to decorate their new house or do a little make over in their homes. Mirrors were used as decoration for many years and during many ages because of their stylish and elegant beauty. Nowadays, there is a massive variety of style, materials, shapes and sizes that can satisfy any taste and need.

Even if in everyday life we use wall mirrors to see our reflection, we sometimes forget to take notice of how wonderful they really are. Craftsmen have not taken this for granted and they started seeing more in this unique form of glass. Different wall mirror frames, styles, shapes, colors, materials, have been used by many people in order to make a wall mirror that fits at one’s personal style and house, However, a mirror on the wall cannot be placed everywhere in the house. Each room has different needs and decoration and you must consider that a mirror will become a part of it. So, you have to find the mirror that suits your room best. Instead of calling a decorator, together, we can find some great decorating solutions for every room of the house that you should take notice before you purchase a wall mirror.

1. Hall and Lobby Mirrors

2. Living room and Dining room Mirrors

3. Kitchen Mirrors

4. Corridor and Stairs Mirrors

5. Bedroom Mirrors

6. Bathroom Mirrors

1. Hall and Lobby

Once you enter someone’s house, the first room you find yourself into is the hall. However, this is also the last room the owner of the house visits before he takes off for his everyday chores. Many people decide to place a wall mirror in this area just because it is the first and the last thing that someone may notice of their home.

A wall mirror in the lobby has a very practical use. We, people, are self- conscious about our appearances, so before we take off and face the world, we want to have a last glance of ourselves at the wall mirror. But, a visitor of your house can also feel a little bit more comfortable at his entrance. Once the front door is open, even if it is morning or at night, the warm sense of the light on your visitor is a lot different. In the morning, the light of the sun can make a person feel more welcome since it can provide the sense of warmth and convenience. At night, the inner light of the house will seem very bright opposite to the darkness of the outside and your house will feel like a safe place.

So, which is the best wall mirror for your great welcome of your guests? First of all you must think that this is the entrance of your home and since it introduces your decoration, it should fit with the rest of the place. A small wall mirror with a modern touch or a large wall mirror with a classy and elegant frame will be very suitable. Think of what is the first thing people want to think about you, even if they know you for long time.

Surely you want your visitors to feel welcome but let’s not forget about you. This wall mirror will be the last thing you see leaving your home. You have to be pleased every time you leave. Choose a mirror that is similar to your decoration and take this last glance of your house with you for the rest of the day. Also, you may need a huge mirror in order to look at yourself before you go out. The practical use of the mirror should never be forgotten whatever is the purpose that you may purchase one. In order to feel more confident and secure, take a last look of your clothes, hair and make up and leave home feeling wonderful. Continue reading

Lighted wall mirrors are pieces of art


Poetic Wall Mirror

If you are doing up your house and want something artistic to decorate your room opt for a lighted mirror. Lighted mirrors are the best way to combine the upsides of having a mirror in place and the artistic touch in your room. If mirrors as a decorative piece do not appeal much you can use the lighted mirrors in your bathroom. They come in very handy in a powder bathroom. So, when you purchase a wall mirror go for a lighted one. You can be rest assured it will become the center of attraction in your house.

So why exactly will you opt for an illuminated wall mirror order? A lighted mirror will add a creative flair to the room wherever you place it and you can go for the Lumination Collection also. Though these mirrors are mostly used in bathrooms you can experiment by installing them in some other room of your house. It will be a futuristic centerpiece of the room and you will win accolades for a different thought. The mirrors come with LED lighting and that actually means you can customize your mirror.  In keeping with the color of the room where you intend to fix the lighted mirror you can choose from a rainbow palette and the brightness will also be under your control. If you want to make a bold statement turn up the intensity or mellow it down if you want it soft and comforting.

Another reason for purchasing a lighted wall mirror is you will get the opportunity to choose from different ingenious alluring lighting effects. Take your pick from Aeon, Jaxon and Tron. Each of these has a couple of LED light strips that run on either side of the mirror. If you want a glow from behind that will light up the whole way around you can opt for Halo. There are mirrors known as the “Big talkers” that come with short and cute messages like ‘wash up” or “hello”.

Need more reasons before you buy a lighted wall mirror? If you place the mirror in your bathroom you will have several advantages. If your bathroom is dimly lit you will not have a problem shaving and there are less chances of nicking yourself. If you have a small bathroom that has no natural light a lighted mirror comes in handy. The mirror will not also have to depend on the main source of light in the room that often falls on the mirror resulting in clear reflection. With an illuminated mirror you will get a clear reflection. You can also get the mirror in various styles and designs. The state of the art designs with the mesmerizing lights truly make lighted mirrors a work of art of the highest caliber.