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Semi framed rectangular wall mirror

Wall mirrors, fascinating as they are, have become very popular among the people who want to decorate their new house or do a little make over in their homes. Mirrors were used as decoration for many years and during many ages because of their stylish and elegant beauty. Nowadays, there is a massive variety of style, materials, shapes and sizes that can satisfy any taste and need.

Even if in everyday life we use wall mirrors to see our reflection, we sometimes forget to take notice of how wonderful they really are. Craftsmen have not taken this for granted and they started seeing more in this unique form of glass. Different wall mirror frames, styles, shapes, colors, materials, have been used by many people in order to make a wall mirror that fits at one’s personal style and house, However, a mirror on the wall cannot be placed everywhere in the house. Each room has different needs and decoration and you must consider that a mirror will become a part of it. So, you have to find the mirror that suits your room best. Instead of calling a decorator, together, we can find some great decorating solutions for every room of the house that you should take notice before you purchase a wall mirror.

1. Hall and Lobby Mirrors

2. Living room and Dining room Mirrors

3. Kitchen Mirrors

4. Corridor and Stairs Mirrors

5. Bedroom Mirrors

6. Bathroom Mirrors

1. Hall and Lobby

Once you enter someone’s house, the first room you find yourself into is the hall. However, this is also the last room the owner of the house visits before he takes off for his everyday chores. Many people decide to place a wall mirror in this area just because it is the first and the last thing that someone may notice of their home.

A wall mirror in the lobby has a very practical use. We, people, are self- conscious about our appearances, so before we take off and face the world, we want to have a last glance of ourselves at the wall mirror. But, a visitor of your house can also feel a little bit more comfortable at his entrance. Once the front door is open, even if it is morning or at night, the warm sense of the light on your visitor is a lot different. In the morning, the light of the sun can make a person feel more welcome since it can provide the sense of warmth and convenience. At night, the inner light of the house will seem very bright opposite to the darkness of the outside and your house will feel like a safe place.

So, which is the best wall mirror for your great welcome of your guests? First of all you must think that this is the entrance of your home and since it introduces your decoration, it should fit with the rest of the place. A small wall mirror with a modern touch or a large wall mirror with a classy and elegant frame will be very suitable. Think of what is the first thing people want to think about you, even if they know you for long time.

Surely you want your visitors to feel welcome but let’s not forget about you. This wall mirror will be the last thing you see leaving your home. You have to be pleased every time you leave. Choose a mirror that is similar to your decoration and take this last glance of your house with you for the rest of the day. Also, you may need a huge mirror in order to look at yourself before you go out. The practical use of the mirror should never be forgotten whatever is the purpose that you may purchase one. In order to feel more confident and secure, take a last look of your clothes, hair and make up and leave home feeling wonderful.

2. Living room and Dining room

These are two rooms that we usually spend much time during the day but also where we take care of our guests. In a house, the living room and the dining room might be two different rooms, however, the modern style has combined them in one big room in order to add the sense of spaciousness in a house. Anyhow, a wall mirror is always a unique addition into these rooms since it can make you and your visitors feel more comfortable and welcome.

If you want to buy wall mirrors for these rooms, you should take notice of where the light comes in. Wall mirrors in a living room must reflect the light to spots where it is needed. The light has to be spread widely throughout the room in order to make it brighter. Many people prefer to place their sitting furniture such as sofas opposite a window in order to take in all the light when they sit there. A mirror on the wall above the couch is a perfect spot. This way, your relaxation in this room will be brighter since you will be sitting opposite a window and the light will be reflected on the wall mirror above you. Whatever your decoration of this room is, imagine that the wall mirror can be an extra and more natural light among the walls.

In the dining room, things are a little bit different. Surely, you want to brighten up the place but here the center of all is the table that all the family and guests gather around to join a nice meal. A great suggestion for this room is a whole wall mirror that helps the light that comes in to be spread freely through everyone. The room will look bigger and brighter and as a result you will feel cozier to enjoy your dinner. Additionally, spread light is considered to create the best indoor environment for eating, since this way the food that you share with your guests looks far more healthy, fresh and delicious. Therefore, a wide large rectangular wall mirror is also a nice choice. Make sure that this mirror is as wide as the table in order to cover its whole range and reflect light on every single plate on it. As you eat with your family, you will be reflected in a mirror that looks like a canvas. Not only your dining room will look spacious but also in the same time you could have a nice artistic real-life addition. The feeling that is created when your eyes get so well trained that can imagine a reflection as a two dimensional image is extraordinary!

Wall mirrors for these two rooms are easy to be found and they can match with any decoration. Nevertheless, what happens when a living room and a dining room are combined in one big space? In this case, you are able to mix and match the mirror with the rooms. You can easily place a wall mirror above the couch, which in the meantime can spread the light through the two-in-one room. Another way to go is to place a full-length mirror between the two rooms. Everything will be reflected in every angle and the light will cover the rooms wherever it comes in. You must take notice that this is not a cheap wall mirror and you should have a large wall with no interruption as windows. However, the result of this decoration will worth any penny since you will have added something unique and elegant that can make your home more stylish that anyone’s.

To sum up, separated or combined, the living room and the dining room are the most visited rooms in house. Place a wall mirror opposite the light and you will find the result really wonderful and your leisure time more relaxed.

3. Kitchen

Suggesting someone to place a wall mirror in the kitchen is not a very common thing to do but there are some advantages that can make someone change his mind. First of all, a mirror in a room can give the illusion of space. Having one in kitchen, which is not always the biggest room in the house, can make it look larger and more convenient. Instead of using two or more mirrors to achieve the above, one will do the trick because kitchen has its own shiny things such as the door of the oven or a shiny fridge. One wall mirror is enough to create the illusion of extra space and give a unique and very stylish refreshing touch into a room that is subconsciously connected to every day routine.

Also, mirrors reflect the light. If you have a small window in the kitchen, place an oval wall mirror opposite the window for the light to be reflected. This way, the kitchen will look brighter and larger and therefore cleaner. Your family and guests would not like to eat something that is made in a dark and dingy room but this situation can be fixed even if your kitchen has no window. Just make sure that the wall mirror you will select is in a good angle with the light and reflects it move smoothly in the room. For some subconsciously created reason everyone in your house, including your guests, will start spending more time in this room and enjoying more all the culinary creations made in there.

But, which is the perfect wall mirror for a kitchen? You may have decorated this room in your own special way but you also know that the options that you had when choosing colors were less than those in other rooms. A really good solution is to purchase a framed wall mirror for this room. The frame must match in color and maybe in material with the rest of the decoration, especially with the tiles. If you have different colors between tiles, cabinets and the electrical devices in the kitchen, find the color that is most common and buy a matching mirror. You can also have a multicolor frame that will go with everything and would make a stand of its own.

Kitchen is a place where housewives or bachelors may cook and do something else in the same time. You cannot be making a salad and also watching for the butter in the stove. Some people prefer to place a mirror on the wall above the oven in order to have a good look during the preparation of a meal. As long as this is a very practical solution, you may have to clean the wall mirror often because of the oil or butter that spouts.

Even if placing a wall mirror in the kitchen is a controversial thing, you will be very satisfied by the results. Your kitchen will look larger and brighter and in the same time you could watch for the food that is about to be done.

4. Corridor and Stairs

These are not exactly rooms but they are in an area with a lot of traffic since they connect the rooms of a house and you and your guests may pass by a lot during a day or visit. The stairs and the corridor of a house can be a very good opportunity for wall mirror decorations since they mostly are in the center of a home and they add a unique style to the decoration of the whole house. Many homeowners usually decorate them lightly and they do not give a lot of attention to this area since they believe that no one will notice and they do not care. They place a small light or some family pictures and they do not go any further. Well, have in mind that this connecting area is very important too and with a wall mirror a whole new décor line might be added in the house.

Let’s begin with the corridors. One can find them often in an apartment that connects the main house with the bedrooms or in bigger houses they connect rooms between them. Wall mirrors can be placed in the corridor based on the length of the walls and also the light. If you live in a house with corridor that has a big wall in one side, you must definitely place a whole wall mirror. This can give the illusion of space, not only in the corridor but also in the entire house. For example, you can look at the rest of the house from your living room and you will see that it looks bigger by having done so much less. In addition, the light helps this. A large corridor wall will most of the times have rooms that connect in the opposite side. The light that comes from these rooms will be reflected on the wall mirror creating the sense of spaciousness and brightness. You home will have a whole new decoration and it will look much bigger.

If doors separate the corridor of your house and it does not have a large wall, you can select on which walls you will hang the decorative mirrors. You have to find the piece of the corridor with the most light and place a round wall mirror, for example. It may not be large but the light spread through the area will still do its magic for more light and space.

Having a house with more that one floor, means that you have stairs to connect them. Stairs are placed commonly in the center of the house and near the central door in order for you to have easy access to the floor above. In this case, everyone who comes in the house can see them and have them under-decorated is not a good idea since the entrance to the second floor might feel kind of isolated. Many people prefer to decorate them not with wall mirrors but with family portraits, photos or even degrees in order to show the world where they come from and what they have achieved. Pretty as that may be, it does not add something to the rest of your home decoration.

With wall mirrors you can combine your life with a touch of creative decoration for your staircase. Since the stairs are usually in the center of your home, a lot of light must be reflected on the walls. The mirrors there can add brightness and space in an elegant and stylish way. Instead of having a large wall mirror, you can have smaller ones for everyone of the residents. Each person that live in your house can have its own and unique mirror. This way, you can have a small family of wall mirrors that reflects your family and everyone is able to see.

Another choice is to place framed wall mirrors that are made especially for you. The frames can be made of objects and moments of you and your family. A round wall mirror with a frame that has photos of your life and accomplishments on it will be something different that you will feel really proud of. Every wall mirror can have a story to tell inspired by you, making the décor of the stairs more stylish and well designed. This can apply also on the corridor, even if you have a large wall or one or two smaller.

A lot of people install a light on the corridor or the stairs in order to have a small light if they wake up in the middle of the night. If you want to make this more decorative, you may install a lighted wall mirror. There are many kinds of wall mirrors with lights on them in stores and they are used mostly for decorative purposes. As a result, you will not have to wake up the whole family by turning on the lights, since you will have a more discreet light for the night.

Corridors and stairs should not be excluded during the decoration process of a house. We pass through them everyday and they have to look fabulous since they have the ability to return this by making our homes brighter and larger with their wall mirrors.

5. Bedroom

Many people would like a wall mirror in their bedrooms. Not only it can cover the need to look at their selves when they dress up but also it is a very up-to-date decoration. In order to understand how you can choose the perfect mirror for your bedroom, we will separate this room into smaller: the master bedroom, the boy’s bedroom and the girl’s bedroom.

The master bedroom

This is the couple’s, the parent’s bedroom. A man and a woman live here so the decoration and everything in this room must match both needs. A wall mirror in such a room should not only have decorative purpose. It should cover male and female needs to look at their selves and their outfits.

The most common thing for a couple is to have two mirrors in this room. The first one is an unframed wall mirror that it is big enough to reflect a person from head to toes. This, the dressing mirror, is used during their dressing and they should be able to see their outfits all together. Usually, this mirror is placed on a wall or a closet and sometimes in a corner of a room. It may have a stand of its own or even a small frame under to make the wall mirror stand-alone in the bedroom.

Nevertheless, women spend a lot more time in front of a mirror than men since they have the urge to take extra care of their selves. In order not to have issues with your girlfriend or wife, you can buy another smaller mirror than the dresser. This will not be a decorative wall mirror but a very useful one. Place a medium sized wall mirror, add a nightstand with a chair and your beloved girl will love you even more. She would be able to put all her make up and other girl’s stuff in there. Having a mirror above, it will be very easy for her to apply her make up and crèmes in order to look beautiful. As far as the wall mirror is concerned, the choices vary. She can have a wall mirror with frame or not, made of any kind of material, in any color she likes. This will be her personal corner and she has to feel completely satisfied with it. A good choice is a lighted wall mirror that looks like the mirrors that dressing rooms in the theaters have. This way she could have a better and clearer look of her and make up and she will not have to wake you up if she needs anything.

If you have a smaller bedroom or you would like something cheaper, a good solution is to combine the above two wall mirrors in one that matches both of your needs. You may purchase a large wall mirror that can be used for dressing and place it above a nightstand. Also, you may buy a small mirror or, if the budget is enough, you can have the big mirror separated in two pieces in the same frame. A small part of the mirror will be dedicated to the woman’s beauty to use it as she likes.

Boy’s bedroom

Boys are not so much into beauty and looking their selves in the mirror as girls. But as they grow up they start taking care of their appearance by working out and being careful of what they wear. They will not want to run every time in other rooms or bathroom to see their outfit. As a result, sooner or later they will ask for a wall mirror in their bedroom.

When the boy is little, having a wall mirror will mean very little to him. Unless it has fun mirror frames with cartoon or super heroes on them, he will not be able to tell the difference between a room with a mirror and one without. In this age, you may want something like this if you want to decorate your son’s bedroom with a wall mirror.

As they grow up and start to give a lot more attention to their appearance, the choice is a dressing wall mirror. He wants to be able to see himself in his outfit before he goes to school, to hang out with friends or to his first date with a girl. A large wall mirror to help him get dressed is a must and you can place it wherever he likes. The most common spots are behind the door or on the closet. These two spots are a space-savers but also very practical. He does not want his friends to see a wall mirror in the middle of the room, since they may make fun of him, as boys in these ages usually do. In addition, a wall mirror on the door or inside the closet is very practical as he can see himself as he dresses up or before he leaves the room and go out.

Since you may install a mirror on a door or a closet in a boy’s room, you should consider about an unframed wall mirror. The door or the closet will be used as frames because on such places the mirror should be glued to the object behind. The door or the closet open and close many times with the danger to break the mirror and frames are not very common in such a case.

Still, you can select with your son a wall mirror that he likes depending on the shape and size or even a figure on the mirror. For example, he will be able to find a round wall mirror with the figure or his favorite super hero glued on it. As a result, he can have a stylish and boyish addition to his bedroom decoration while he makes the most out of the mirror for years to come.

Girl’s bedroom

Girls are more likely to ask for a wall mirror in a very small age. Girls have a natural gift and worry about their appearance and outfits. The dolls she plays with give her the same example since she can change their hair and clothes to look pretty and fashionable. She dreams of growing up and become one of these women. Also, we should not forget her mother who is a woman and she would look herself in the mirror much more times than her father. The girl will start to imitate her mother from a small age and she will start looking herself in the wall mirror. These things are so normal for every little girl as the story says: “ mirror, mirror on the wall”.

When your daughter is little, you can buy her a wall mirror with a frame, mostly pink. She is a girl and that colors suits her best. In the pink frame, she will be able to reflect herself in the mirror along with her dolls and have an image of herself pretty soon. You can also buy her a mirror with a frame decorated with her favorite characters such as Barbie and other dolls that the toy stores sell.

While she grows up, her needs for mirror will start to change. She will spend more and more time in front of a wall mirror and she will resent her child like former mirrors since she is not “a little girl” anymore. In order to buy her a new mirror, you must take her with you because she has to decide what goes in her room with the decoration and her taste. For parents, the first solution that comes in their mind is the unframed wall mirror on the door or closet. Some girls are satisfied with this since it is practical and they can decorate it, as they want. Apart from the drawing that may have on it at the purchase, girls like to decorate the things they like in their own unique way. You may buy her an unframed wall mirror and after two days you may not recognize it because of the photos, the drawings and all the other things a girl can think.

Girls do not have any problem with a mirror in the center of their bedrooms as boys do. Even her girlfriends will love it. Whatever the shape of the mirror you decide, you must have in mind that it will be surrounded with a shiny frame. A gold or silver wall mirror is a choice because it also fits with almost every stylish and trendy girl’s bedroom decoration.

A whole wall mirror will not be a problem for a girl, too. The more the glass, the more space for her to add her unique touch. Even the final choice is a framed wall mirror or not, a huge mirror for her will be like a canvas for an artist. Photos and drawings will fill soon enough most of the mirror in order for her friends or boyfriend to enjoy staring at them while she gets dressed and go out to have fun.

In general, girls are more acceptable when it comes to wall mirrors. Make sure you purchase one that matches her taste and she will be unexpectedly happy.

6. Bathroom

Last but not least, the room of the house where wall mirrors are honored, the bathroom. There is not a single bathroom in the world that has not a mirror on its wall. It is not only a must but also a basic thing you have to think about when you decorate your house. Even if you have one bathroom in your apartment or 3 or 4 in your entire house, there is always a wall mirror waiting in there.

In order to select the best bathroom wall mirror, the first thing you have to decide is the style of the whole room. Remember that bathrooms are not separated from the rest of the house and it has to follow its flow and decoration. You cannot have a home filled with classy and antique style things and have a modern decoration in bathroom with bright colors and eccentric wall mirrors or the other way round. This room should also follow the decoration you have selected for the rest of the house.

In addition, you have to consider the size of your bathroom and weather there is a window or not in order to choose a bathroom wall mirror. Size plays an important role because you do not want to select a mirror and furniture for the bathroom that does not fit. It will be crowded and not practical at all. Also, take a moment to notice where the light comes in. If there is a window, you should make room for the wall mirror on a wall opposite of it. If there is not, check where are the electrical plugs to connect the light. The reflected light makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter and this is very important, especially when it come to the specific room of a house.  Changing the lighting inside a bathroom can make a very noticeable difference, more than any other room.

Having tested these things, you are ready to start imagining of the perfect bathroom wall mirror. To begin with, it is good to consider the size and shape of the mirror. In a large bathroom, your needs will be greater because you have a lot of empty walls to fill and it is not pretty to do this with tiles. Will it be one or two mirrors or a large whole wall mirror? It is up to you to decide along with the shape. There are round or oval mirrors for walls that are more peaceful since they do not have edges, but also because of their shape combined with the fact that they reflect the light, which refers to the peaceful feeling created by the sun. You may also like a rectangular wall mirror that has the ultimate simplicity and accuracy in shape and looks like the canvas of an artist.

Whichever the size and shape you choose, the next step is to find the frame that will suit your bathroom. The frame of your wall mirror is very significant since it gives style and character. For example, a gold mirror frame is really sophisticated and elegant, giving the look of something old, that time has not changed its value. Yet again, a frame more colorful with trendy drawings and eccentric shape can liven up a bathroom that has a more modern decoration. Both framed wall mirrors will be an excellent addition in the bathroom as long as they match with the décor.

Now, you should consider where to install the mirror. Is it a large wall and you will cover it with one huge wall mirror or is it a small piece of the wall over the sink? Is it opposite the light source or somewhere that little light is reflected? These are questions that need answers during the selection of a wall mirror. The reflection is very important for a wall mirror in the bathroom as it is in every other room. The more light the mirror reflects back, the larger and brighter your bathroom will look. If you can see tiles though the mirror that reflect the light, the room will become even vivid. Moreover, the range of what the mirror reflects is important. If it is big enough to reflect the whole bathroom, it will look twice the size.

If you are having trouble answering all that above, you must know that there are some other solutions. For example, if you have problem with the right amount of light reflected on the mirror, you should consider buying a lighted wall mirror. This is a mirror that has lights on one side or all over it. This is a really wonderful choice for bathrooms with no windows. It assures that the light will definitely be reflected on the wall mirror and you are able to select the angle of reflection as long as the brightness. With this mirror, you are in total control of the light. The only thing you have to think carefully is the energy that such an installation will need. Your bathroom may look prettier and brighter than ever but the cost for your pocket and the environment will not have the results we want.

You will not consider your bathroom without a wall mirror. You should find the mirror that suits best to your needs and your house’s decoration in order to create the best bathroom for you and your family. You will find expensive and cheap wall mirrors, however, make sure that they worth their money and make your bathroom better that ever.

A mirror worth the wait!

Generally, wall mirrors are a very unique, sophisticated and modern decoration for the entire house. Every room has its own special needs in mirrors, in space and lighting, Hopefully, this guide can give you an insight of each room and which mirror is appropriate. Do not hesitate to purchase a mirror for your house and place it in every room you want. The distinctive aura that will be added in your rooms’ decoration will worth a lot and you will not again think about the time you spend trying to find the right one. Because once you find it, the wall mirror will return everything you invested in it and for many years to come.

Enjoy your new décor!

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