Whole wall mirror


Whole Wall Mirror

Mirrors on the walls are always a wonderful addition to our house’s decoration. Many people have started installing mirrors onto their entire walls and turning one side of the room into one, great whole wall mirror.

Modern and practical

Having such a big and shiny mirror in a room is surely very modern and stylish but also think about how practical such a mirror is. Your will be able to check out yourself, your clothes, your shoes, everything on you! In addition, since your wall is a mirror, you can apply many sorts of decoration on the mirror such as flower stickers or even photos. Such a large wall mirror has plenty of room for decorative imagination.

Why hesitate

Even if a wall as a mirror is fascinating, many people hesitate to install one because they are not aware of how to apply it on a wall. For a whole wall as a mirror, firstly there is the problem of hitting wires. This can lead to a power failure or even to people getting hurt. Another issue of safety is how stable such a mirror is because if it collapses, it can hurt you or other members of your family. Thankfully, there are solutions to these problems.

“You nailed it!”

To begin with, you have to decide if you would buy one piece of a mirror or smaller rectangular wall mirrors. Both decisions are safe and it is up to your style. To avoid hitting wires, instead of screwing the mirror on the wall, you can nail it. The nails will not be visible and they can make the mirror very steady. Whichever your choice is, one big or smaller wall mirrors, they can easily and securely be installed this way.

Sticky but steady

Another way to apply a mirror on the wall is with glue. There is a glue called Mastic that is very safe and thick. You can apply this on the wall and then glue the mirror and the wall together. Make sure to avoid putting a big quantity of the glue on the wall in order to reassure the stability of it. This glue is so powerful that a bit of it can glue something forever. There are cases of people who used this Mastic and when they wanted to uninstall the mirror, they had to search for extreme solutions to remove the wall mirror.

Nothing but the frame

Of course, there is always the frame wall mirror. Even if you want the mirror to take up the entire wall, you can have a frame of your taste around the mirror, In this case, the installation is easier based to the fact that the mirror will not be involved much in the procedure, only the frame. In fact, you can also buy wall mirror frames and change the old ones, keeping the same mirrors.

By purchasing one big, expensive mirror or smaller, cheap wall mirrors, you can definitely decorate an entire wall with such style and imagination. Make sure the installation is safe and successful and you are good to go.

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    Great article and insightful ideas! I’ve searched your whole site and I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, but I’m sure you can help me. What I am about to do is remove a whole wall mirror from my living room but I’m not sure about how to do it. I thought you could give me some reference on this or e-mail me some tips yourself if you have the time. Thanks!

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    Very clean and well written information! I am trying to redecorate my house and your wall mirror guide will be very helpful! I am going to add wall mirrors to almost every room and I am glad that I heard about your site! Keep it up!

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